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yoast for WordPress, the best thing about WP, well... since WP! Find out how we can boost your website with our SEO strategy for Yoast

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The out of the box Yoast SEO plugin is perfectly built to maximise your keyword focus pages and increase Organic SEO fro your website. The Free & Premium plugins can help you climb up the Google ladder and rank for keywords, generating more impressions and sales/engagement depending on your sector.


Download the latest version of Yoast and start writing more engaging content, driving Organic SEO and help boost sales if you run an eCommerce website

The features at the bottom of each WordPress page, product and posts explain what you need to do to help drive SEO traffic for the focus keyphrase.

Yoast SEO Traffic Lights

Example of Yoasts key features for the Traffic light system, this is a typical orange SEO light and we need to improve this to turn it green.
Sentence length: 30.8% of the sentences contain more than 20 words, which is more than the recommended maximum of 25%. Try to shorten the sentences.
Transition words: Only 7.7% of the sentences contain transition words, which is not enough. Good results 5
Flesch Reading Ease: The copy scores 77.3 in the test, which is considered fairly easy to read. Good job!
Passive voice: You're using enough active voice. That's great!
Consecutive sentences: There is enough variety in your sentences. That's great!
Subheading distribution: Great job!
Paragraph length: None of the paragraphs are too long. Great job!

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